Magnet offers free office space to Irish companies in London • March 6, 2017

Ten Irish businesses looking to expand to Britain are being offered free office space in the heart of London as part of Magnet Networks’ Launchpad for London initiative.

“With Brexit dominating the news, it is easy to forget that Britain is our largest trading partner and offers better access to funders, a better attitude to risk and a massive market for many Irish firms,” said Magnet Networks CEO Mark Kellett.


“We believe that 2017 should be the year of Brentry, giving Irish businesses a launchpad into the city that hosts many of the world’s top companies and offers the best place to test your fundraising model, product or service offering.

“Most importantly, Irish companies who are also operating within Britain will be in a stronger position post-Brexit.

“The 10 Irish companies who base themselves at Magnet’s headquarters at York House in the smart city will pay no rent for four months. They will have the fastest connection available, direct fibre optic connections from Ireland to their London desks and access to one of the largest Internet of Things and Smart City test beds in the world.”

Enterprise Ireland regional director for the UK & Northern Europe Marina Donohue said: “The UK is the largest export market for Enterprise Ireland client companies, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future,” she said. “Having a presence on the ground in the market has always been important, and even more so since the decision was taken by Britain to leave the EU.

“Every year we help hundreds of Irish companies develop and grow their exports in to Britain, many of whom will establish a base here. The head start provided by Launchpad for London has the potential to be of huge value to help companies become established in the UK, as well as being well connected.”

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