Past Investments

Hibernia Networks
Founded in 2003 with the purchase of one of the few dual-cable fiber optic cable systems under the Atlantic Ocean, Hibernia is now the largest private, American-owned subsea and terrestrial cable system in the world. Hibernia provides Carriers and Enterprises wavelength, Ethernet, Media, IP, and CDN services over a robust network primarily connecting East Asia, North America and Europe. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, and Summit, New Jersey.

Magnet Networks Ltd
Magnet is a full-service telecommunications provider (Voice, Data and Video) to Irish businesses and homes. Founded in 2004, Magnet has consistently ranked as the fastest provider of broadband services according to data from the Netflix Irish delivery index. Magnet has recently introduced its revolutionary Hosted PBX service for any business wanting to experience cutting-edge Unified Communication services which can be delivered over copper, fiber optic or wireless links. Magnet has deployed and operates the largest active Fiber-To-The-Premises network in Ireland and delivers a robust Over-The-Top TV service called AerTV. Velocity1 is a Magnet subsidiary located in the Wembley area of London servicing the Stadium and Arena, residences, businesses, student accommodations and the new London Designer Outlet using their owned fiber optic network. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.
In the news

On-demand expertise for the world around you, using AR and AI to transform home services sector. Streem is a technology company with mobile apps for iOS and Android that connect home service pros to their customers through on-demand intelligent video streaming. While live streeming, the pro has access to a “digital toolkit” that allows the pro to guide the customer with Augmented Reality (arrows, annotations, etc). The toolkit also enables the pro to take measurements and collect data, more quickly and efficiently than if they were on-site, through Streem’s advanced computer vision and machine learning. In December 2019, Streem was bought by Frontdoor, a publicly traded company based in Memphis that spun out from ServiceMaster in 2018.
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