CVC’s Framework for Successful Investments

CVC and its operating companies bring extensive business and industry experience to the opportunities in which it invests. Its level of business sophistication and intellectual capital allows for the effective corporate management and development that grow the businesses. CVC manages through all phases of a business’ life cycle.

CVC has infused significant capital into companies whether for revitalization or to take advantage of developing opportunities. CVC brings extensive capital investment experience to maintain the health and inspire growth in its companies. Prudent spending, effective deployment of assets for best returns, and measurement of those returns are just some of the disciplines CVC offers its businesses.

CVC brings a sense of excitement and enthusiasm to its companies – it takes a hands-on approach to drive the changes necessary to accelerate growth and enhance customer satisfaction. CVC also takes the initiative to return rewards to both employees and customers.

CVC analyzes existing management practices and challenges the current conventions. CVC applies common sense and intellectual capital to all the businesses in which it invests and challenges the processes and operations before they become outdated or obsolete. CVC keeps current on industry developments and along with an open mind, manages toward leadership in all venues.


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