Software as a Service

ChildBe is a one-of-a-kind online child behavior management system. It can permanently improve your child’s behavior by facilitating a consistent connection between behaviors and outcomes and promoting a model of open, flexible communication. Headquartered in Vancouver, Washington.

PokketMe is an interactive storytelling tool that serves as a digital business card, brochure, and sales channel — all in one. Based in Vancouver, Washington.

On-demand expertise for the world around you, using AR and AI to transform home services sector. Streem is a technology company with mobile apps for iOS and Android that connect home service pros to their customers through on-demand intelligent video streaming. While live streeming, the pro has access to a “digital toolkit” that allows the pro to guide the customer with Augmented Reality (arrows, annotations, etc). The toolkit also enables the pro to take measurements and collect data, more quickly and efficiently than if they were on-site, through Streem’s advanced computer vision and machine learning. Based in Portland, Oregon.
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