AirSpeed Telecom
AirSpeed offers enterprise grade, fully managed telecommunications and bandwidth services for business customers in Ireland. They have class-leading expertise in integrated fiber and licensed wireless (microwave) networking and provide a full suite of high-quality services to businesses across all industry sectors.
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Enet is Ireland’s largest, open access network provider. They are developing the primary wholesale telecoms network in Ireland — comprising metro fiber networks, a unique fiber backhaul network, one of the largest licensed wireless networks in the country, and ninety regional co-locations centers. Their open access, high capacity fiber and wireless networks make it easier and more cost-effective for service providers to deliver and support world-class broadband services to homes and businesses across Ireland.
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Pivotel Group Pty Limited
Pivotel is a licensed Australian mobile telecommunications company. Pivotel provides high quality voice, data and tracking services utilizing GSM and satellite technologies. Pivotel owns and operates the Globalstar ground network infrastructure supplying service to Australia and New Zealand and owns the Pivotel, TracerTrak, Think Mobile and Reward Mobile brands. Headquartered in Queensland, Australia.
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PocketiNet Communications, Inc.
Delivering High-Speed Broadband and Voice services utilizing its own wireless, fiber optic and VDSL technologies targeting under-served, small-to-medium sized markets in and around Eastern Washington. Headquartered in Walla Walla, Washington.
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Surfnet Communications
Surfnet Communications is a California-based, community-oriented broadband Internet Service provider (ISP) that enables local businesses and residents to fully leverage the Internet for their work, study and play. Their emphasis for the past 10-years has been on broadband wireless access for mountain and coastal communities that are un-served by DSL or Cable. Headquartered in Scotts Valley, California.

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