PocketiNet Communications connects 100th customer to Fiber-to-the-Home internet in Walla Walla, Washington

Walla Walla, WA • November 4, 2016

One hundred is a significant number. A little child feels accomplished when she learns to count to one hundred on her own. More impressively, when a person reaches the age of one hundred we all see it as an important milestone. PocketiNet Communications, based in Walla Walla, Washington has reached a momentous event of their own. Recently, they connected their one hundredth customer to their new Gigabit Fiber-to-the-Home network known as Gigabit Country.

Who was the lucky number one hundred? Jim Wright, owner of Tesla Winery Tours in Walla Walla, WA. Jim waited patiently for nearly five months for Fiber to reach his home. That pales in comparison to the eighteen months he waited to take delivery of his beautiful Tesla Model X 90D.


Aaron Shiffler (l), PocketiNet’s Director of Fiberhood Sales presents
Jim Wright (r), owner of Tesla Winery Tours and PocketiNet’s 100th
Fiber-to-the-Home customer, with a new Amazon Echo Dot.

About five years ago, Jim, a Federal Marshal, began making solid plans to retire. Everything was in place except the location. Gig Harbor, WA was high on the list but Jim started seeing article after article in national publications about a great little town in eastern Washington named, Walla Walla. So, Jim and his wife visited to see if all the hype was true. It was. After several annual visits they retired and moved to Walla Walla hoping to add to the town’s friendliness.

As Jim was preparing to retire, he knew he wouldn’t want to sit around after retirement, so he developed a plan to launch Tesla Winery Tours. Even before moving to Walla Walla he ordered his Tesla and waited. It’s a decision he hasn’t regretted.

If you talk with Jim, it’s obvious he likes technology. That affinity for tech made both Tesla and PocketiNet logical products to meet his needs. After all, both Tesla and Gigabit Country Fiber are fast! Tesla vehicles come with software letting a driver choose their preferred performance output. Settings range from Standard to Ludicrous (that’s actually what Tesla calls it). PocketiNet’s Gigabit Country Fiber also comes with customer performance options. Internet packages range from 100Mbps up to the ludicrous 1Gbps. Not only is Gigabit Country fast, it’s incredibly reliable.

Jim enjoys meeting new people and loves talking about his Tesla. He is a believer. He’s a Tesla believer, a Walla Walla believer and a PocketiNet believer.

As their one hundredth Fiber customer, PocketiNet presented Jim with an Amazon Echo Dot. Because, in the end, a man who likes technology enough to wait a year and a half for a Tesla and another five months for the fastest Internet connection in town, should be able to voice command his car out of the garage. Want to see how Amazon Echo and Tesla integrate, when you have the best Internet available? Check out this video on YouTube.

If you’d like to book Tesla Winery Tours visit teslawinerytours.com. To get more information about PocketiNet’s Gigabit Country Fiber-to-the-Home, visit PocketiNet.Crowdfiber.com.

PocketiNet Communications is a locally owned and operated broadband Internet and Home Automation and Security service provider. Founded in April of 2000, PocketiNet serves the Mid-Columbia Basin from Walla Walla to Yakima, WA, south to Umatilla, OR, and all points in between. In the competitive market of broadband Internet service providers, PocketiNet has positioned itself above the competition by actually delivering on its promises: speed, reliability, value, dedication and customer care.

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